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If you decide to participate at home, here's how it works:

  1. Borrow a toy box.

  2. Record or photograph your child opening the box and playing with the toys.

  3. Send us your pictures or video (along with a signed photo release form) to

    • Include your social media handles and information, and we'll tag you in the post with your child's video or photos!

    • If you'd rather, you can also sign a photo release form at our office.

  4. We'll notify you what Monday we'll post your photos or video. ​

  5. Once it's live, share it with your friends!

Imagine Monday
Imagine, every Monday, a new toy box being opened.
Imagine your child helping spread the word about the awesome toy boxes from the Toy Lending Library of SD.

Here's how YOU can participate!

  • Take pictures or record a video of your child (or children) when they open a toy box and play, OR

  • Set up a date and time to visit our office and have your child (or children) recorded or photographed.

Please remember to follow these recommendations:

  • Clear the background to focus on the child and toy box.

  • Use an area with good lighting.

  • Take a picture of the toy box to show the label before opening it.

  • Keep videos to around 15-30 seconds long.

  • Try to record the child’s reaction when opening the box.

Thanks for helping us promote learning through play!

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