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Will Roths

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Suzanne Erickson

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Anelis Coscioni

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Andrine Stricherz

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We have several fun volunteer opportunities for all ages:

-  Toy box processing: (available every week) returned toy boxes need to be inspected to confirm that all the pieces were returned and that the book, box and toys are in perfect condition.

Toy cleaning/sanitizing (available every week) all the toy boxes need to be cleaned/sanitized before going to the shelves for check out, even the new ones. 

-   Close toy boxes (available every week) after the toy boxes air dry, they are inspected one last time before being closed with zip ties and sent to check out.

-   Office: fold surveys, add tails to bookmarks, create survey packages and more.

-   Label toy boxes (available every week) our beautiful labels need to be attached to the boxes with tape. Each toy box receives three labels.

-   Photoshop: (available every week) our labels are created using Photoshop and we could use one more volunteer with knowledge in using the program.

- Write TLL (Toy Lending Library) on toys. Each toy piece has TLL writen on to help caregivers identify the toys that need to be returned to the Toy Lending Library, especially if they have a similar toy at home.

- Fundraiser: support the Toy Lending Library of SD in sustainably growing and reaching children throught the State.

-  Board member: if you have a passion for childrens education and learning through play, contact our ED to learn more about being a Board Member.

- Gently used toys and books collection: support the Toy Lending Library by inviting your family and friends to donated new/gently used toys and books. You can also create a Toy Drive at your workplace.

You can find more details of our positions at the Helpline Center website

Or contact us:

Anelis Coscioni - ED

Director@ Toy Lending


Or, send us a message at the Contact page.